The Caltoun

The Caltoun

Calton is a unique place in Glasgow's east end. Rich with history, it is most fervently renowned for it's strong weaving heritage. At its height in the 18th Century, the area was littered with mills and the bustle of industry. At one time, it even had its own loch.

An area rich in architectural history, undoubtedly its most iconic building is the Templeton Carpet Factory. Although during construction it was the scene of some tragedy, the building was completed in 1892, now looming large at the edge of Glasgow Green. But why such grandeur for a carpet factory? It was said that the wealthy citizens living nearby didn't want to overlook just any old factory, and so the Doge's Palace in Venice became the inspiration for its architect.

By Industry we Prosper [Calton motto]

[a commission, 2011]