Venice Biennale open!

*most photos courtesy of Neil McGuire, more of which from the British Pavilion and the rest of the biennale can be seen here

La Biennale and beyond..

Here are some photos from the opening of the British Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale last week. Back in February, I and my partner in crime Ross Anderson, were lucky to be chosen as one of 10 groups to represent Britain at this year’s exhibition, titled Venice Takeway. We all sought to discover examples of ways of practicing and procuring architecture in a variety of places around the world - LA, Tokyo and Buenos Aires to name a few. Ross and I travelled to Moscow back in April to meet a group of architects called the Paper Architects.

I could ramble for hours about our trip, the wonderful Russians we met, and the inspiration we found but I’ll keep it short. This collective of young architects, in 1980s Moscow, found creative expression in a series of competition entries, as Ross and I have done since graduating 3 and 4 years ago respectively. These competitions were ‘forbidden’ in Soviet Russia and as our piece for the exhibition [pictured above, in that beautiful table by Born Design] we sought to challenge a competition ‘forbidden’ to us - that subject to the PQQ process.  We’ve set up a website and blog, to pursue our mission to create a collective of paper architects for 2012, to enter competitions and challenge accepted norms.

The events last week were the culmination of 6 months of really hard work from everybody and it was fantastic to be involved. So, thank you to the British Council and all who sail in her, for taking a chance on an errant couple of young architects, and for giving us the opportunity to take part in such an exciting project. Details of the other 9 exciting projects can be found here.   

and yet some more..

INTERVIEW .. here’s us talking about our project for TravellingOutwithMoving

VIDEO .. here’s a video of the venice takeaway project on Archdaily

[they cut me out, perhaps i’m not video-genic enough!] 

PHOTO .. and here’s a photo from the Guardian of all the British architects taking part across the whole Biennale this year.. [unfortunately I have my eyes closed!]